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Cauldryn Fyre Mobile


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Cauldryn Fyre Mobile combines the Cauldryn Kettle/Mug, Fyre heating element, and Mobile battery to create a system that allows you complete control over the temperature of water or other beverages. The Fyre heating element and Mobile battery provide the power to boil water, or maintain your ideal hot beverage temperature.


Cauldryn Kettle/Mug:

- The Cauldryn Kettle/Mug is a 16oz, stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessel with a modular base that can allow for use of a variety of bases. The vacuum insulation allows for cold beverages to stay cold for long periods of time, and hot beverages to stay hot even without power to the unit.
- The Cauldryn Kettle/Mug has an innovative lid that has two drink openings that allow for either sipping hot beverages from a small opening, or taking large drinks/pouring from a spout. The cap for the spout incorporates a pressure relief valve to make boiling water safer.

Fyre Heating Element:

- The Fyre heating element is at the heart of the Cauldryn Fyre system. It has five heating modes: Boil (212 degrees), Brew (195-205 degrees), Extra Hot (160-170 degrees), and two Hot modes (135-145 degrees and 125-135 degrees). These modes allow the user to truly customize Cauldryn Fyre Mobile's usage to their particular needs. Each mode will bring your beverage to the specified temperature and keep it there.
- Boil mode can allow you to cook, or sterilize water without the need for fire.
- Brew mode is the perfect temperature for brewing coffee or black tea, can sterilize water, and is perfect for many cooking applications.
- Extra Hot mode is the perfect temperature for people who like their coffee hotter than most, re-hydrating freeze dried food, and many slow cooking applications. 
- Hot modes are the perfect ranges for most people to drink their coffee, and can be perfectly maintained all day.

Mobile Battery:

- The rechargeable Mobile battery is what separates the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile from the Cauldryn Fyre plug in only model. Mobile allows you to access all of the features of the Cauldryn Fyre platform without the need to be plugged in. Mobile truly makes the platform a go anywhere survival option with the ability to boil water from a battery. Mobile packs enough power to keep your beverages at your ideal temperature ALL DAY LONG (Boil and Brew modes cannot be maintained all day long from battery power). 
- In addition to powering the Fyre heating element, Mobile also provides for charging your essential electronics from two charge out USB outlets.

AC Base:

- The AC Base allows you to run your Cauldryn bottle and Fyre heating element form AC power. This eliminates limits to the number of boils and heat cycles you can perform. The AC base easily detaches from the Fyre heating element to allow for easy wire free drinking. You never have to battle wires with the AC base.

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 4.05 pounds.
Billable Weight : 5 pounds.
Dimensions: 5.625" (W) x 5.25" (H) x 14.75" (D)

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