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Nomad Moose 2 Pack Receiver Kit, with Remote

Cass Creek Game Calls CC720
Nomad Moose 2PckKt/ext rec

Cass Creek Game Calls

  • $99.99

The Nomad Moose Remote 2 Pack is lightest and easiest to use Moose wireless remote game call system available. No need to haul bulky speakers and a spool of cable to moose hunt. Spend less time setting up for your moose hunt and more time calling moose! Each Receiver (also called a remote) has a high quality speaker for clear, loud sound. Loud enough to be heard even in a gusty wind. Each Moose Receiver is remote controlled by a small handheld Transmitter.

Just place your Moose call(s) in a strategic location and operate using the Transmitter (remote control). Operate the 2 receivers with a single Transmitter for long range remote controlled calls. The call has one hand operation and a weather resistant case. Compact design weighs only 8 oz. The receivers attach to trees, brush and fences. This powerful game call clips onto your belt for easy transport. Real animal sounds by world famous naturalists, digitally recorded, digitally reproduced. Has an effective remote range of 100 feet. Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included/installed).


- Five (5) real live Moose Calls recorded by wildlife experts will help make your moose hunt a success.
- No Programming Required
- No Memory Chips to Lose or Break

Included Calls:

- Sparring Bulls: Bulls sparring for dominance attract other bulls and willing cows.
- Estrus Cow: Five to six vocalizations made by a cow calling all available bulls-causes any bull moose in hearing distance to work themselves into an uncontrollable mating frenzy.
- Mating Moose: The intense and passionate sound of a cow moose while being tended to by a bull during the mating season.
- Calf: An anxious young calf searching and calling when lost or separated from its mother. Very effective in calling in mature cows that frequently have desirous bulls following close behind. Will also call in large, hungry carnivores.
- Lonesome Cow: A lost and upset cow eagerly searching for her young calf. Will bring in cows calves and bulls.

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