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German Import - 3 Part Fetch Dummy with Rabbit/Fox Fur

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Dummies with fur are used to advance gundog training or as an exciting alternative to standard dummies. It enhances the dogs interest in retrieving and hunting, because it is similar to real game due to the implementation of real fur. Using scents your dog can have even a much better experience and this is the best choice for those of you who do not have the possibility to train with a real game.

This dummy is a special training accessory imported from Germany, a substitute for actual game and it is used in hunting or sport dog training. This dummy comes with a special filling, is made to be round and shorter - so the young dog can carry it well in the middle. The dummies can also be prepared with different scents. This special dummy is buoyant material that imitates game in weight and shape. Ideal for fetch training in the field without the hassle of actual dead game. The 3-piece dummy supports the proper handling of the game during training. The dog takes the dummy exactly in the middle, with the other two parts loosely hanging, very similar to harvested game. For a longer life of the dummy, we recommend to bring it to its place, not to throw.

Available in Green or Orange.

2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 kg weight with Rabbit Fur

4.0, 5.0 kg weight with Fox Fur

Ships Direct From Germany Allow Up To 2-3 Weeks For Delivery

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