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German Import - Rabbit Retriever Dummy

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New developed Game Dummies, made of thoroughly dyed PU-foam with variation possibilities. The color will not come off; the dummy will not discolor. You can make the head or back part hang by loosening the clamping rings. In this way you can make the dummy look realistic like dead game. Between the front and back parts you can put metal disks to make the dummy heavier. In the middle part, there are 2 holes to insert pieces of felt which can be treated with the corresponding scents. Using these dummies all training exercises can be realized to prepare the dog for actual hunting and hunting trials.

The material of the central portion is softer than the material of the head or buttock.?ÿThe dog learns very quickly that it is more pleasant to take the game from the center.
Ideal for training retrieving, Lost Search, Bring repentance, etc. For these trainings, dead game has been needed until now!
weight: about 2.0 LB

Ships Direct From Germany Allow Up To 2-3 Weeks For Delivery

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