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Niggeloh - Blood Tracking Lead ULTRA 12m


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This top quality lead from Niggeloh is the perfect companion lead for the Niggeloh Blood Tracking Collar or Niggeloh Follow Harness.

The thick neoprene webbing material?ÿensures comfortable handling. Water resistant webbing material. Dirt and mud resistant; rugged design and material guarantee extreme durability. The ULTRA is extremelty durable and wear-resistant and meets the highest demands. Much lighter than leather and lets the handler "feel" the dog. Developed by well-known and experienced blood tracking handlers.

Leather stopper 1 meter before the end of the strap

Lead is 12 meters in length, 20 mm in width. Orange/Olive and Yellow/Olive

Ships Direct From Germany Allow Up To 2-3 Weeks For Delivery

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