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Niggeloh Lead - Jaeger 2 in 1 Lead


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This Niggeloh Tracking lead can be used as either an over the shoulder Jaeger lead, leaving both hands free for the perfect shot or can be turned into an emergency tracking line as it extends to approximately 4 meters. An additional perk is that you can use the shorter detachable part as a standard lead.

It is easy-care and water-repellent item of equipment that will soak up the abuse of being forgotten in the back of your truck after a hard days deer stalking.

Can be used as a comfortable 2 in 1 shoulder lead or your standard lead
By simply opening the buckle, you now have two individual leads at your service. Each is adjustable for varying lengths
Equipped with Niggeloh Premium snap hooks (at 20 mm widthVersion)
Full length measures 3.7 m; available in brown
Easy care and water repellant

Ships Direct From Germany Allow Up To 2-3 Weeks For Delivery

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