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Merry Pet Products Dog Houses

Merry Pet Products - MPL002
Mansion Dog House

Merry Pet Products

  • $529.95

  • Dimensions:
    • House - 50"L x 49"W x 41"H
    • Porch - 44"L x 36"W x 22"H
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Removable Roof Top and Bottom Panels for Easy Cleaning
  • Raised Bottom Design Keeps Pets Dry
  • Wood Construction
  • Withstands humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Natural wood scent creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere
  • Natural Insulating Feature of Wood
  • May be re-stained like any other wood
  • Easy Assembly
This is not a McMansion - It's the real deal, at least for a dog.
From the sturdy cedar craftsmanship to the stylish touch of a chimney the amply sized Mansion Dog House comes complete with a spacious open-aired front porch surrounded by beautiful latticework to allow your dog both warmth and comfort.

The Mansion Dog House is especially designed with a raised base to help keep your pet dry. It also offers a window covered by downward sloping horizontal shades to allow for ventilation, while keeping out the sun and rain.

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