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Stowaway Tools By Klecker - Firestarter

Klecker Knives

  • $12.00

Carry the ability to start a fire with you everywhere you go. Perfect for when you want to start a fire but can't find any tinder. This tool requires a striker to work (not included). Stowaway™ Tools are designed as a customizable pocket sized toolbox for your everyday needs. Configure your Every Day Carry (EDC) each day, in seconds; depending on what adventures you plan to tackle. 

  • Block of Magnesium
  • Flint Striker Rod
  • Works with Stowaway Tool carriers
  • Works many other Key Carrying Solutions ; Keybar, Keyport, KeySmart, KeyBiner, GripKey, etc.
  • All Klecker Knives Products Have A Low Stocking Number, Item May Not Be In Stock And May Be Delayed In Shipping. You will be notified immediately of any issues with your order. Please Contact Us Directly For More Info

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