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Adler Dog - Adler Hands Free Leash Leather

Adler Dog

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Hands free, high quality harness leather leash with brass/nickel clasps and parts. The leather is 3/4" wide at 13 ounces and very pliable, 7'6'' total length. You will be able to use this leash for years to come. Adler Leash Leather leads are made from harness leather and range in colors, textures and grain depending on which part of the hide it is from.

We know you have a special connection with your pet, and a European-style, hands-free, multi-functional Adler Dog leash is the perfect accessory for your companion because it is versatile, high quality and doubles as a training tool. What makes our dog leads different from others is its versatility. It can be configured (4) ways, including a simple, safe choke system for when your dog pulls. It has been designed to be a hands-free, walk-in-sync system, giving you the opportunity to teach walking obedience. Our leather is strong enough to walk even the strongest of dogs! The materials are high quality, whether you select leather with metal hardware or a colorful lead lighter in weight. Made in the USA

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