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Training Staff

Cold Steel 91ES
Training Staff

Cold Steel

  • $49.99

Many Cold Steel fans and customers share the love for the Martial Arts, and they have been asking Cold Steel to produce longer training tools for many years; and now, thanks to recent pioneering innovations in the world of high-strength polymer production Cold Steel is proud to offer the first synthetic training staff!

Cold Steel company President Lynn C Thompson has studied and trained with numerous pole arms, spears and staves (most recently training Krabi Krabong Staff with Guro Ron Balicki) and he found that a hard wearing octagonal "Okinawan style" Japanese Staff was an excellent training tool for all of these disciplines and more. Therefore, the first of Cold Steel long training tools features a traditional octagonal cross section for superior grip and comfort. Perfect for pell work and for conditioning training, this high-impact staff will be the perfect addition to any Martial Artists training regime.


- Weight: 40.3 oz.
- Overall: 54"
- Width: 1 1/2" Diameter
- Material: Polypropylene

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