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Drahthaar Addiction - Blood Tracking Bringsel

Drahthaar Addiction - Blood Tracking Bringsel

Drahthaar Addiction

  • $40.00

The bringsel is used in hunting dog training as an indicator of the found tracked animal/game. This handmade leather bringsel snaps on the dogƒ??s collar and when the dog has located the game, the dog grabs the bringsel into its mouth and returns to the handler. The handler can easily see that the dog has located the game and takes the bringsel from the dog and has the dog lead him back to the animal. This bringsel is handcrafted from durable, high quality leather. It will not damage the dogƒ??s teeth. It has a bone/paddle shape for ease and comfort for the dog. One end of the Bringsel has a lightweight swivel snap with durable paracord attachement to the dogƒ??s collar. The snap is a swivel snap which works well so the bringsel will not get twisted and also can easily turn and be held in the dogƒ??s mouth.

These collars are custom, hand made to order - please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please contact us with any questions regarding this item. ?ÿ?ÿ

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