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Drahthaar Addiction - Versatile Hunting Dog Training Starter Kit (without crate)

Drahthaar Addiction

  • $240.00

This starter kit includes items you need to get started on the track to training your versatile hunting dog. This starter kit comes with your color choice of Adler hands free lead, color choice of dogIDs engraved safety collar, 1 Drahthaar Addiction tracking slip lead, 1 Drahthaar Addiction Checkcord, 1 German Import Rabbit Fur Bumper, 1 Dual Tone Whistle w/Lanyard and 1 bag of Duke & Daisy Jerky treats perfect for training.

Start with your engraving information and color choice on the collar, pick the color of hands free Jaeger lead and the rest is included. $40 Leather Upgrade available for Hands Free lead and Tracking slip lead.

THE COLLAR: These Soft Grip Safety Collars exclusively from dogIDs are extremely durable, smell resistant, and water resistant. Includes corrosion proof stainless steel hardware and includes easy-to-read, engraved identification plate.

 This Safety style collar is used when you are concerned about a dog getting its collar hung on a tree limb, branch, heavy cover, etc. The center ring allows the collar to roll in a way that other materials would not naturally flex. Also the dog can back out of the collar when snagged, if it is fitted loosely. The extra D Ring should be used to fasten a leash.

5-7 Day Production Time

Color Options: Black, Blaze Orange, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal

Free Engraving!!
Up to 4 lines with 15 characters per line.
13 fonts from which to choose:
THE JAEGER LEAD: This hands free leash with quality clasps and hardware will last a long time. It is made from durable, rubber-like material that is 3/4" wide and 2.5mm thick and supports 1000 lbs per square inch in strength. The reflective has a  strip that can be seen clearly at night that covers the full length of the 7' 6" lead.  It can be configured (4) ways, including a simple, safe choke system for when your dog pulls. It has been designed to be a hands-free, walk-in-sync system, giving you the opportunity to teach walking obedience. Available in 7 colors and Leather also.
THE TRACKING SLIP LEAD: Versatile dogs handlers use these for releasing the dog on free tracks of both live game and training drills involving dead game retrieves. This unique lead allows the handler to control the dog and still release the dog on a track, leaving the ID collar on and gives the dog a distraction free, smooth release. Often we see handlers using slip leads that are way too long, too short,stiff or made of materials that don't slip through the collar with ease. This lead is made of durable flex material 3/4" in width,.105" thick, cut to 8 foot lengths. Doubled over at one end and secured for a looped handle sized for use with or without gloves. Only available in Orange at this time, other bright colors coming soon. Bright colors for easy visibility just in case you drop it on the ground. Leather option also available! The leather edition is handmade by the same leather crafter as our blood tracking collars and have some added features such as a stud clasp and loop to secure the lead from slipping. 
THE CHECKCORD: Check cords allow you to keep control of your dog at longer distances. This Drahthaar Addiction check cord won't knot or get tangled in brush, and is virtually indestructible and maintenance free. Long enough to allow dogs to work further away if long-lining, not so long to get easily tangled if dragging. One of the top picks and with the check-cord there are many additional features not available in a rope.This flex material cleans up with a damp sponge, resists mildew and bacteria, and is odor-resistant. This vinyl-coated webbing also keeps its flexibility in cold weather. 25' long includes swivel snap. 
THE RABBIT FUR BUMPER: A 1/2lb dummy wrapped in a cured rabbit skin to accustom your dog to the fur. 
  • Rabbit hand throwing dummy wrapped in rabbit fur.
  • 1/2lb size is the same size as a standard 1/2lb dummy
  •  If you dog is struggling with picking up fur, mix it up a little with the rabbit bumper, it really helps gets the dog interested!
  • Scent can be applied
  • Excellent Training Tool as allows your dog to become accustomed to picking up fur
THE WHISTLE: Dual Tone Dog Training Whistle w/ Lanyard
Projects two different tone for a variety of commands. Includes lanyard and instructions The Dual Tone Whistle is two whistles in one. One side has a high pitch tone, the other side has a low pitch tone. You can either teach one dog two different commands for the different tones, or direct two different dogs, one with each tone. Many gundog trainers use the high pitch for the “come” command and the low pitch for “stop”, but the commands and tones used are entirely at the trainer’s discretion. A favorite with gundog trainers and tracking dog enthusiasts alike. 
THE JERKY TREATS: Duke & Daisy Pet Supply Co. jerky treats for dogs are proudly made in the USA. The first and main ingredient, 100% beef, is slowly roasted for 8 hours, giving each treat a soft, yummy texture your dog is sure to love. You will never find wheat, corn, soy, or gluten fillers in our treats, just 100% beefy deliciousness. They are healthy, natural, tasty, and of premium quality. Our treats are one of a kind, giving you peace of mind, and your dog a healthy treat to enjoy. With only six ingredients, you will not find any fillers or artificial ingredients, just 100% deliciousness that your dog will love. Perfect for training treats when partnered with the checkcord for conditioning to commands.
 Items In This Kit May Ship From Multiple Fulfillment Centers - Please Be Aware Of Possible Multiple Package Deliveries To Complete Order

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