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Expandable Arch Gate

Carlson 0425
Expandable Arch Gate


  • $73.99

Built to withstand elements in every climate - year round. Rust proof & weather resistant.

Designed to give your pets their own space & keep them safe while outdoors. Includes patented small pet door that, when opened, lets small pets pass through while others stay put.

Expandable Outdoor Pet Gate is 25' tall and pressure mounts to fit a variety of openings 30'- 46' wide.

Super easy install! Simply expand and lock in place.

The Carlson Weatherproof Outdoor Expandable Gate offers year-round protection for your pets' outside playtime! This hardy, rust-proof gate is built to withstand the elements in every climate while providing a secure barrier to keep dogs of all breeds safe when out of the house.

Pressure mounts allow the gate to fit a variety of openings; simply expand the gate to meet your needs! Features a patented small pet door for pets that can handle a little more freedom.

Perfect for all breeds.

  • Rust proof
  • Weather resistant
  • Pressure Mount
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable / expandable width from 30"-46"
  • 25" High
  • Includes small pet door
  • Perfect for all breeds

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