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Pressure Mount Walk-Thru Gate

Carlson 0460
Pressure Mount Walk-Thru Gate


  • $109.99

The Carlson Weatherproof Outdoor walk-Thru Pet Gate offers year-round protection for your pets' outside playtime!

This hardy, rust-proof gate is built to withstand the elements in every climate while providing a secure barrier to keep dogs of all breeds safe when out of the house.

Setup is easy, with no tools required. Pressure mounts allow the gate to fit a variety of openings; simply expand the gate to meet your needs! It's a perfect option for the top or bottom of decks.

Once it's mounted, there's no need to ever remove it; a walk-through door allows people to have easy entry and exit while your pets stay put. The walk through door also features a patented small pet door for pets that can handle a little bit more freedom.

36" height is perfect for all breeds (especially larger pets).

  • Rust proof
  • Weather resistant
  • Pressure Mount
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Adjustable / expandable width from 36.5"-40.5"
  • 36" High
  • Separate small pet door
  • Perfect for all breeds

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